Anatomical Networks Analysis wins 2015 Innovations Program from AAA

I am very happy to tell you that our group has just won the 2015 Innovations Program of the American Association of Anatomists. Currently, the group is formed by Rui Diogo and Julia Molnar from Howard University College of Medicine (USA), Julia Boughner from University of Saskatchewan (Canada), Christopher Smith from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (USA) and myself. I have to make a special mention also to Diego Rasskin-Gutman from the University of Valencia (Spain). With this project we will develop tools to teach, learn and use anatomical network analysis, a new method to quantify morphological modularity and complexity in musculoskeletal systems.

ImprimirMore information here: Anatomy Now

PS. Congratulations also to the team of Valerie Dean O’Loughlin, Polly R. Husmann, and James J. Brokaw, of the Indiana University School of Medicine, for also wining the 2015 Innovation Program for their educative project.

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