See you at Washington for our Workshop on Anatomical Network Analysis! #ICVM11

Good news!

We will organize a 3-hour workshop on anatomical network analysis during the next ICVM, 29 June – 3 July, Washington DC, USA. We invite all of you to join us!

Please, visit the facebook page of the ICVM for more inforamtion. See details below.

Here I like to you a couple of recent publications related with what we will see at the workshop:

Anatomical Networks Reveal the Musculoskeletal Modularity of the Human Head

Anatomical Network Analysis Shows Decoupling of Modular Lability and Complexity in the Evolution of the Primate Skull

Anatomical network analysis (AnNA): A new tool to quantify morphological complexity, integration, and modularity in vertebrate evolution and development.

This workshop will introduce participants into the study of vertebrate morphology using network models. Participants will learn the basics of anatomical network analysis: gathering information, building their own network models, analyzing basic properties (e.g. modularity), and interpreting the outcomes.

The workshop combines theoretical introductions and computing examples/practices using the free programming environment R and the package igraph.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own data for the hands-on-computer sessions (but this is not required). Emphasis is placed on offering participants a wide overview to network modeling/analysis in vertebrate morphology, as well as free resources to carrying these tasks out.

Requirements for attenders that want to participate actively
– Personal laptop
– Free software R installed
– Free R-package “igraph” installed

Other useful recommendations (not required)
– Own data to create an anatomical network model (organizers will facilitate data)
– Free R-environment RStudio installed

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